Supply chain risk management for a global telecoms player
Sector: Telecoms

Challenge: Reducing supply chain disruptions in a volatile environment by gaining a longer-term view of macro risks

What we delivered: A new macro risk monitoring system tailored to the client’s supply chain and procurement risk exposure.

Context and results: Volatility is the norm in today’s global procurement and supply chains. But with no way to identify and proactively address the next big challenge, most companies remain in firefighting mode. Sustained disruptions, post-Brexit regulatory uncertainty, a heavy reliance on Chinese suppliers, and new climate change regulation are just some of the factors at play.

PRISM’s macro risk monitoring and management system helped our client – a global telecoms player – to future-proof its international procurement operation. Together, we identified the company’s top emerging risks and their potential impact on strategic parts of its organization.

Hundreds of procurement and supply chain leaders now use the system. PRISM also provides monthly briefings on medium and long-term risks, ensuring the clients can manage them proactively and reduce costly disruptions.