Policy monitoring for one of America’s largest consumer apps
Sector: Technology

Challenge: Gaining a complete picture of policy trends and outlooks in target countries to guide international expansion strategies

What we delivered: A global policy monitoring system covering the client’s top policy areas in key markets.

Context and results: Consumer applications face fast-shifting policies that can make or break their plans. This is especially true in emerging markets, where regulations often follow the lead of policymaking in mature economies and can evolve and spread rapidly across a region. One of America’s largest consumer apps asked PRISM to help it monitor policy shifts in a number of high-growth markets so it could make informed decisions to fuel its global expansion based on the latest labor and climate change discussions, and on public opinion in each country.

With PRISM’s macro risk monitoring and management system, our client gained the global awareness it needed to prepare for political and regulatory controls on its industry, and to preempt potential policy contagion between markets. Our dashboards compile data from a network of custom sources, providing key decision-makers with relevant insights on key markets that are notoriously difficult to monitor.

PRISM’s dashboards also integrate with the company’s internal reporting processes, ensuring that the latest data is factored into its decision-making. In parallel, we host monthly briefings to provide teams with further detail on specific trends and answer their questions first-hand.