Policy tracking, analysis and strategy for a Big Tech leader
Sector: Technology

Challenge: Helping a Big Tech player in the spotlight look beyond its day-to-day challenges and plan for disruption in the medium and long term.

What we delivered: Quarterly memos for executives and subject matter experts that outline how politics and regulation could affect key policy areas for the business, including competition and content regulation policy.

Context and results: Technology regulation is building rapidly around the world, creating a wide array of regulatory risk for large technology platforms. From data protection and privacy, to social media rules, to antitrust actions, coming AI regulations, and more, the range of policy issues is becoming increasingly difficult to track comprehensively. Added to divergent regulatory trends in different countries and a host of macro trends splitting the world into different technology blocs, the technology sector sits at the precipice of a shift that will define its future, and demands clear thinking from companies at the forefront.

PRISM helped our client – a major player in the technology industry – to see its most pressing policy issues from a new perspective. We worked together to break down the company’s top concerns. We then combine insight from our global network of analysts, activists, and experts to form an objective outsider’s view of the challenges and opportunities ahead. We work closely with the client's internal teams and thought leaders to maximize the value of insight across the company.

Outputs are developed on a regular basis, to ensure a constant eye on where the world is going and a fresh perspective that can drive strategic thinking and early responses. Today, our analysis serves as a realistic, practical, and actionable framework for our client’s medium and long term strategies on macro issues.