Breaking down the potential futures of AI regulation, and the best way to engage
Sector: Technology

Problem:  Preparing a tech leader for the future AI regulation across governments, standards bodies, and multilateral institutions at the global and country level.

What we delivered: A detailed landscape of AI policy developments, risks, and priorities across geographies, with recommendations on how to engage in the medium and long term.

Context and results: AI regulation has reached a fever pitch. The EU’s AI bill has set a precedent, with new initiatives and rules gaining momentum around the world and shaping the future of AI development. These regulatory developments have a major impact on companies that leverage the technology, defining what they can develop and how, and determining which countries will be friendliest to AI innovators.

Our client – a large technology player with a major stake in the future of AI – needed to cut through the complex landscape of AI policy development and plan for future developments. PRISM picked apart conversations from regulatory bodies, today’s growing mix of “hard” and “soft” laws, and geopolitical nuances to uncover key risks and opportunities to help our client plan for many possible futures.

We analyzed country-specific regulations, multilateral forums, and standards bodies that stand to have the most impact on our client, helping it to prioritize advocacy efforts and investment decisions under evolving AI policy and trends.