Economic scenario planning and positioning for a construction firm disrupting its industry
Sector: Construction

Challenge: Developing a strategy to overcome economic uncertainty accelerated by COVID-19 and its effect on global construction projects.

What we delivered: Practical strategies to capitalize on emerging growth opportunities, while also planning for disruptive economic scenarios during the pandemic and beyond.

Context and results: The COVID-19 pandemic put global economies on a knife’s edge. This uncertainty was untenable for construction industry leaders, who need see years down the line to secure and manage multi-billion dollar contracts, or prepare for a lack thereof. With expert opinions split at the time on whether the world would bounce back or slip back into a recession following the pandemic, couple with rising uncertainty around construction supply chains due to inflation and signs of geopolitical conflicts, the only way forward was to understand all the factors at play.

PRISM analyzed the economic and macro trend scenarios that could affect our client moving forward, including the longtail effects of COVID-19, sustainability policy, mobility trends, and more. We then walked the firm’s entire leadership team through a series of strategy sessions to help them gain a shared understanding of the future and develop a collective plan of attack based on our actionable solutions.