Climate change scenario planning for an IT leader ready to drive change
Sector: Technology

Challenge: Setting an example for the IT industry’s low-carbon transition while creating new business opportunities

What we delivered: Actionable recommendations to capitalize on a range of plausible climate futures and policy conditions.

Context and results: Action on climate change is a global mandate. China’s Net Zero pledge followed on the heels of ambitious pledges in the US and Europe, with further efforts coming from the private sector, central banks, investors and activists. Recognizing the need for change, our client asked PRISM to help it carve a role at the head of the IT industry’s low-carbon transition while securing new opportunities for its business.

Combining our internal resources with a global pool of external experts, PRISM conducted a scenario planning analysis around the future of climate policy and delivered strategic recommendations on how our client could engage. The project brought together some of the world’s foremost experts on climate change and environmental policy, who collaborated directly with our client’s C-Suite.

Starting with different temperature goals, we worked backwards to outline the climate action required to hit each target. We also factored in key drivers and pivot points, from demographic change to technological advancements. PRISM’s research is now a strategic guidepost for the business’ climate efforts, inspiring the development of new low-carbon initiatives and serving as a call-to-action for policymakers and its peers.

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