Helping a global BioTech company expand into China’s Belt and Road countries while minimizing political risk
Sector: BioTech

Challenge: Balancing major BioTech growth opportunities with the geopolitical nuances of working with China and adjacent markets. 

What we delivered: An analysis of BioTech opportunities in China and Belt and Road countries, and a breakdown of how Western countries could respond to different courses of action.

Context and results: Changing domestic priorities combined with an ever-increasing global influence have bred geopolitical tensions with Western nations. Companies with ties to China or looking to invest see an environment full of opportunities, and risks. Our client’s key considerations were China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its focus on BioTech, known as the Health Silk Road. In addition to broader diplomatic influence, these shifts affect business’ growth strategies as a global BioTech player, particularly in emerging markets with close ties to China. 

PRISM helped the firm to optimize its growth opportunities in Belt and Road countries while minimizing risk. We created a roadmap for its global expansion into high-growth markets by assessing the relationships between key Western countries and Beijing. We also examined the potential fallout from severed trade opportunities should political conflicts arise between China and key markets, helping our client to weigh growth opportunities against its long-term strategic considerations. 

PRISM’s analysis revealed opportunities across the BioTech value chain, from drug formulation to distribution. Based on our research, the client chose a best course of action for investment in China and aligned itself to take advantage of strategic Belt and Road investment opportunities under different geopolitical outcomes.