Preparing a North American exporter for Chinese policy changes and international trade disruptions

Sector: Manufacturing

Challenge: Orienting a major exporter for favorable market conditions in China while getting ahead of high-risk of trade disruption with the US.

What we delivered: A two-pronged analysis, combining recommendations for domestic growth with an executive wargame to manage overseas trade disruptions.

Context and results: China’s domestic priorities are shifting from a relentless focus on growth towards a more balanced set of imperatives, including global issues like sustainability. These shifts are reshaping its manufacturing sector. Meanwhile, geopolitical tensions with North America continue to rise, which means a higher risk of trade disruption for companies selling to the Chinese market.

PRISM helped our client – a large exporter to China – to tackle both its domestic and international concerns at once by providing its executives with a plan to meet any sudden disruptions head-on. We developed a detailed view of the company’s demand outlook in key Chinese markets, assessing consumer trends, government investment, and key policies to build a detailed picture of future opportunities from a customer and geographical perspective. 

PRISM also prepared key executives for trade disruption risks with an iterative wargame exercise, playing out plausible scenarios and considering in detail the reactions of relevant governments, customers, competitors and internal stakeholders. The result was a complete playbook that would carry the business through any of these outcomes.