PRISM Monthly Monitoring
Supply chain risk management for a global telecoms player
PRISM’s macro risk monitoring and management system helped our client – a global telecoms player – to future-proof its international procurement operation. Together, we identified the company’s top emerging risks and their potential impact on strategic parts of its organization.

PRISM Monthly Monitoring
Policy monitoring for one of America’s largest consumer apps
One of America’s largest consumer apps asked PRISM to help it monitor policy shifts in a number of high-growth markets so it could make informed decisions to fuel its global expansion based on the latest labor and climate change discussions, and on public opinion in each country.

Political and Policy Risk
Policy tracking, analysis and strategy for a Big Tech leader
PRISM helped our client – a major player in the technology industry – to see its most pressing policy issues from a new perspective. We worked together to break down the company’s top concerns. We then combine insight from our global network of analysts, activists, and experts to form an objective outsider’s view of the challenges and opportunities ahead. We work closely with the client's internal teams and thought leaders to maximize the value of insight across the company.

Political and Policy Risk
Breaking down the potential futures of AI regulation, and the best way to engage
Our client – a large technology player with a major stake in the future of AI – needed to cut through the complex landscape of AI policy development and plan for future developments. PRISM picked apart conversations from regulatory bodies, today’s growing mix of “hard” and “soft” laws, and geopolitical nuances to uncover key risks and opportunities to help our client plan for many possible futures.

Macro Trend Strategy
Economic scenario planning and positioning for a construction firm disrupting its industry
PRISM analyzed the economic and macro trend scenarios that could affect our client moving forward, including the longtail effects of COVID-19, sustainability policy, mobility trends, and more. We then walked the firm’s entire leadership team through a series of strategy sessions to help them gain a shared understanding of the future and develop a collective plan of attack based on our actionable solutions.

Macro Trend Strategy
Building an economic case for the equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in developing nations
As a key player in COVID-19 vaccine development, our client – a global non-profit – worked with PRISM to outline the economic impact of different vaccine distribution scenarios to support its advocacy efforts with key policymakers around the world.

Scenario Planning
Climate change scenario planning for an IT leader ready to drive change
Combining our internal resources with a global pool of external experts, PRISM conducted a scenario planning analysis around the future of climate policy and delivered strategic recommendations on how our client could engage. The project brought together some of the world’s foremost experts on climate change and environmental policy, who collaborated directly with our client’s C-Suite.

Market and Event Strategy
Assessing the political risk of private equity deals in geopolitically charged territory

For a Private Equity client, PRISM analyzed the immediate security risks and their potential impact on the target business. We also reviewed wider political factors on the target in light of the technology and cybersecurity risk inherent to its sector, in addition to its government customers and their specific political risk exposure.

Market and Event Strategy
Helping a global BioTech company expand into China’s Belt and Road countries while minimizing political risk
PRISM helped a client to optimize its growth opportunities in Belt and Road countries while minimizing risk. We created a roadmap for its global expansion into high-growth markets by assessing the relationships between key Western countries and Beijing. We also examined the potential fallout from severed trade opportunities should political conflicts arise between China and key markets, helping our client to weigh growth opportunities against its long-term strategic considerations. 

Market and Event Strategy
Preparing a North American exporter for Chinese policy changes and international trade disruptions

PRISM helped our client – a large exporter to China – to tackle both its domestic and international concerns at once by providing its executives with a plan to meet any sudden disruptions head-on. We developed a detailed view of the company’s demand outlook in key Chinese markets, assessing consumer trends, government investment, and key policies to build a detailed picture of future opportunities from a customer and geographical perspective.