It's often easy to get caught up in what's happening next week - BT Sourced wants to be ready for the future and PRISM has helped lift our gaze. What sticks out about PRISM's approach is their collaborative attitude and constant drive toward a better solution.

Cyril Pourrat, Chief Procurement Officer, British Telecom

There is an unprecedented level of uncertainty today - economically, geopolitically, technologically and more. PRISM brings a clear way of thinking about the issues, and a collaborative approach to developing strategies for the future. As a firm, PRISM is always prepared and willing to go the extra mile. They have made us work better as a leadership team when thinking about economic and political change.

Ryan Maibach, Chief Executive Officer, Barton Malow

We work with PRISM to better understand and anticipate emerging, long-term trends that could present opportunities and challenges to our company. PRISM's creative, collaborative and deeply substantive approach is the opposite of a "one-size-fits-all" consultancy. In addition to providing analysis that is insightful, nuanced and actionable, and tailored to our needs, the PRISM team is responsive and immensely enjoyable to work with. Great teammates.

Michael Fitzpatrick, Director, Global Strategy & Innovation, Global Affairs, Google

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We don’t just find answers. We find solutions to your problems.

We created PRISM to bridge the gap between the mass of information available today and the most common pitfall we see among large businesses: hoping a “wait and see” approach will carry them through macro challenges. Too often it doesn’t.

PRISM combines insights from our experts on the ground, with deep analysis and the perspectives of trusted thought-leaders, and then structures them in a practical way for your key decision-makers. We work with some of the most admired companies in their sectors, who trust us to pick apart their questions and recommend strategic responses tailored to their needs.

Big Tech players, global manufacturers, large telecoms, food delivery services – no two businesses operate the same way or have the same goals. We adjust our analyses and recommendations to your priorities, building a custom team and approach to find the answers you need, whether it’s tracking the evolution of global tech policies or following complex supply chain risks like Brexit month-to-month.