Insight and Strategy for Your Biggest Challenges

The only valuable insight is insight you can use. 

Geopolitical forces, policy shifts, economic trends, competitive threats – our research, analysis and recommendations help you choose the best course of action months or years in advance. 

Trend analysis isn’t about predicting the future with perfection. It’s about structuring the question correctly, recognizing the gaps in your knowledge and then looking in the right places to fill them. 

Our services

Description: With so much volatility to manage each day, corporate leaders understandably focus most of their energy on managing the present. This leaves long-term questions unaddressed, which creates blind spots for CEOs, government affairs executives, supply chain decision-makers, and other key players whose role it is to prepare their organizations for what comes next. Our expertise and insight across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific allows us to consistently deliver the insight you need to make big business decisions.

What you get: Regular updates on major developments in your key markets tailored to your topics of interests, be they policy, politics, supply chains, economics or others. You’ll also gain access to a dashboard of macro trends driving change in your core markets, in addition to monthly briefings and Q&A between PRISM and your teams.

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Description: Political and policy risk are constants, but they have increased in frequency and severity. Especially for businesses at the forefront of their industries that drive new regulatory discussions and market behavior. We compile a wide array of perspectives from policy experts and our local market sources to shape our analyses, which means we target our recommendations to your reality.

What you get: Comprehensive research reports developed in collaboration your key decision-makers. PRISM bases its recommendations on proven analytical frameworks and tailors them to your needs and future goals. We walk your team through our findings through briefings and help them to workshop sound strategic responses.

Description: History has split businesses into two camps:  those that stayed relevant by getting ahead of macro trends and those that were held back by a limited view of realities outside their business. PRISM’s collaborative approach brings that macro view to you. Combining your company’s vision with our record of guiding large, high-profile businesses through uncertain times, we help you make clear, data-driven decisions based on a global vision of your macro environment.

What you get: Reports outlining the issues affecting your business and their potential impact, and recommendations for the path forward. Every analysis is framed by discussions with your internal leaders. We also conduct workshops with your key-decision makers to drive home our research findings and align their response.

Description: Today’s macro issues have a divergence of potential outcomes, making it difficult to plan for the long-term. Our approach to scenario planning draws on the methodologies developed at Oxford University to help you understand the many factors (and uncertainties) at play so you can prepare for what’s next.

What you get: In-depth scenario planning reports that break down the moving pieces behind complex business issues. Our research explores how these drivers could intertwine in the months and years ahead, helping you plan for the medium and long term. The scenario planning process itself is a valuable exercise for all involved stakeholders, giving them an opportunity to examine the key variables shaping the company’s future and build a shared vision for a response.  

Description: When making big decisions, companies need a targeted assessment to prepare for major global developments, market swings, or new challenges in unfamiliar geographies. PRISM’s methods bring more certainty to the known risks and known unknowns that lie ahead, ensuring you ask the critical questions early and making a decision based on simplistic, straight line forecasting.

What you get: Strategic reports and recommendations built on extensive research and insight from the ground. PRISM compiles our findings into a targeted assessment of the factors at play in your situation, their implications for your business, and recommendations to shape your response.

Description: Market expansion, supply chain reshoring, data center locations, employee working habits – managing these factors require you to understand how different markets operate and how they differ. PRISM’s analytical framework helps major players assess the merits and trade-offs of different footprint optimization strategies so they can choose the best markets and local strategies for their goals, today and in the future.

What you get: Footprint strategy recommendations built on PRISM’s proven analytical models and underpinned by our deep dive analyses. We believe optimization is about continuous improvement, which is why we periodically update our analytical models to account for new data, trends, and relevant risks.  

There is no single way to analyze the wide scope of unknowns you face, but structure, transparency, and consistency are the keys to actionable results. We work with our clients to set a clear intention for their research, leading to valuable guidance and strategies they can implement right way. 

Our team has decades of experience shaping and delivering macro analyses. Our global network of experts gives us the depth and breadth to cover every geography, industry, and analysis topic.

It's often easy to get caught up in what's happening next week - BT Sourced wants to be ready for the future and PRISM has helped lift our gaze. What sticks out about PRISM's approach is their collaborative attitude and constant drive toward a better solution.

Cyril Pourrat, Chief Procurement Officer, British Telecom

There is an unprecedented level of uncertainty today - economically, geopolitically, technologically and more. PRISM brings a clear way of thinking about the issues, and a collaborative approach to developing strategies for the future. As a firm, PRISM is always prepared and willing to go the extra mile. They have made us work better as a leadership team when thinking about economic and political change.

Ryan Maibach, Chief Executive Officer, Barton Malow

We work with PRISM to better understand and anticipate emerging, long-term trends that could present opportunities and challenges to our company. PRISM's creative, collaborative and deeply substantive approach is the opposite of a "one-size-fits-all" consultancy. In addition to providing analysis that is insightful, nuanced and actionable, and tailored to our needs, the PRISM team is responsive and immensely enjoyable to work with. Great teammates.

Michael Fitzpatrick, Director, Global Strategy & Innovation, Global Affairs, Google